For Fleet Partners

What is Wrapkar?

Wrapkar is an on-vehicle advertisement platform that connects brands to drivers creating a high-impression, low-cost and trackable marketing solution. Anyone who drives a car can earn easy extra money just by placing ads of our partner brands on their vehicle.

What are the requirements to become a fleet partner?

  • Car registration/proof of ownership
  • An average mileage of at least 30 Kilmoters per day
  • Vehicle with an undamaged exterior. 2008 and newer vehicles are preferred.

How much can I earn by putting an advertisement on my car?

Your earnings depend on what model you drive and the amount of area covered by the ad on your vehicle which we call "Wrap Level". To get an idea of how much a particular car will earn you, use the "Earnings Estimate Calculator" which opens when you hit "I AM A DRIVER" on our home page.

How will I get paid?

We either do a bank transfer or alternatively you can receive cash by contacting one of our agents.

Do I have the option of choosing which ad I want on my car?

When we receive a brand's order to wrap your car, we will only proceed when you agree to have that ad put on your car. If you don't like it, don't get it. We will try to get other ads for your vehicle.

How much do I pay to sign up?

We don't charge anything from our fleet partners. It's completely free.

Will the sticker damage my car's paint?

We place high quality vinyl stickers on your car, specifically designed for car bodies. We take every measure to ensure that your car doesn't get damaged in any way because of the advertisement. If the worst comes to worst, we bare the responsibility of fixing the damaged area.

How long does a typical campaign run?

Our campaigns are usually 1 to 3 months long.

For Advertisers

How much exposure one Wrapkar car gets?

Each Wrapkar is equivalent to a baseline of 900 kilometers per month and an average of 100,000 impressions per month. There is slight variability depending upon the size of the targeted geography.

What is the minimum campaign time duration?

The minimum is one month.

How many Kilometers does a Wrapkar drives per day?

Wrapkar drivers are high mileage drivers. We only accept vehicles with a daily mileage of at least 30 kilometers.

Can I provide marketing material like flyer and brochures to my campaign's drivers?

Partner brands are encouraged to provide marketing material to drivers. Wrapkar drivers are frequently asked about the brand on their vehicle so a better way to introduce your brand will be with your own marketing material.

How much area of my car will be wrapped?

There are three wrap levels.

  • Panel: Covers four doors of the vehicle.
  • Partial: Covers half of the vehicle.
  • Full: Covers almost all of the exterior of the vehicle.

How do you select drivers for my campaign?

We select high mileage drivers from our vast directory of available Wrapkars. We make sure that the selected car owners respect traffic rules and will not harm your brand's image.